Attach iOttie iPhone 4 Waterproof Skin to Make a Underwater Film!

Are you looking for a completed protective iPhone waterproof case for your mobile device? If you do, then you should choose iOttie iPhone 4 Waterproof Skin. Just like many iPhone case users who are highly aware when their mobile device are around the water environment, trust me, I know how it feels when your iPhone devices are dropping into the water, I did learned a bit lesson from that by paying $300 bucks to the Apple store for just fixing the liquid damage for my iPhone, so with this iPhone Waterproof Skin, nothing is gonna happen anymore by just paying $12.99 bucks for 2 packs, just do a bit a math, you SAVE your iPhone just by paying $6.50 ONLY, with this iOttie skin case installed, you will be able to film under water, pool or make a picture when you are doing scuba diving, there is always a lot of creativity waiting for you to exploit once you had this tiny magical skin case.



This iOttie Waterproof Skin is specially design for iPhone 4S, it’s 100% water proof, dirtproof or dustproof, basically, it’s just a plastic material which attach and seal the entire of your iPhone device, pretty much like a plastic wrap but MUCH MORE durable, it has two layers and it has included a leakage indicator so you can make sure that your device will be 100% okay when you put it under the water. One of the most feature that I love this iPhone skin case is by its perfect transparent design because it does not compromise how the device looks, and also, by offering a transparent environment after sealed, I will be able to make sure that no liquid will penetrate inside for causing any damage to my device, and this is the advantage of applying the leakage indicator, and you will be able to activate the film/camera mode, making a underwater video when you go to the pool or ocean will not be impossible anymore, I am sure that not a lot of water-resistance camera will be as effective as iPhone. Of course, this iOttie waterproof series are not only compatible to iPhone, for more info, you can always refer to our web site for the best detailed information. I am sure that you won’t feel regret by having this iPhone waterproof cover, unless if you willing to pay another $300 bucks just for the accident that might happen in every seconds when you are around to the water environment.


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