ALURATEK DLD 8”True Color LCD Digital Photo Frame

Good news , the ALURATEK DLD 8” LCD Digital Photo frame is currently in stock at our online store now! With its new Digital Lifestyle Device (DLD) feature, you will be able to view the hi-resolution pictures, watch some cool youtube video or even listen to the music at the same time, this LCD digital photo frame has the resolution up to 800×600 with its 8” TFT true color, all you need to do is just simply insert your SD/ SDHC card or even USB drive into the slot and then you will be able to view, share and listen all of the media to your friends and family for the low price of $79.99.

aluratek digital photo frame

aluratek digital photo frame

The ALURATEK Digital Photo Frame features  simplistic operation which is compatible to most of the file formats, so as long as you plug in your media sources into the device and it will be automatically detected and recognized, the Digital Photo Frame itself has built-in speakers, at the same time it supports different SD memory card standard. With its frame stand or mount which is provided in the package, you will be able to display your family pictures on the table as well as on the wall without any difficulties, it also has a remote control, so basically you can use that on all the occasion you could ever imagine. Last but not the least, it’s Windows 7 compatible with its 512mb internal memory which is, in my personal opinion, not quite enough especially if you want to put some video clips, but there will be always the option to  get youself a larger volume SD card to boost up your storage space. For more information, please visit our web site at

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