Printer Buying Guide– Laser and LED printer

Last time, We talked aobut  inkjets.Then we move to Laser and LED

laser printer

laser printer

Theory: Laser printer and LED printer are very often to be introduced together.Becasue the output of both LED and laser printer do not have much big difference. Technically, there is only little difference of how these two types work. A laser printer uses a laser beam: the LED printer uses an array of tiny LED lights. They both use static electricity applied to a drum which helps heat to create an image.

Advantages: The biggest advantages of LED and laser printers are the low cost of ink. The ink costs of some model even lower than the one of an inkjet. But the printer itself might more expensive to purchase. And both of them are tending to reliable on text printing.

Best used for: The LED and laser printer is best for some small offices or departments, or some home offices. One of the reasons is because nowadays most office would like to using monochrome for their daily operation. Not only the high quality text print out, but also save their money. The workhorse of those two kind of printer is ideal for those small business.

Speed: Laser and LED printers are usually faster than inkjets and create precisely drawn text

Printout quality: If you think a color laser or LED printer will print photos that look as good as those you’d get from an inkjet, think again. Most of the machines we’ve tested can print perfectly pleasing pie charts, logos, color bars, and simple graphics, but they continue to struggle with smooth-looking photographic images.

Price range: Models start around $100 and rise in cost from there, depending on the features and the expected monthly output.

Recommend Printers:


  • Brother MFC-9325CW 
  • Brother MFC-9125CN
  • Brother HL-3170CDW
  • Dell-2150CDN

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