Printer Buying Guide– Inkjets

Before you are going to buy a printer, please ask yourselves few questions

  • What kind printer you prefer to?
  • What you used to do? Monochrome printing only or color capacity printer?
  • What’s the affordable price range for you?
  • How much printing you do?
  • How many people will use this printer?
  • What is the extra function you need?

While you have the answers of the questions, it should be helpful to you get a final accurate choice.

First, let‘s conclude the mainly 4 types of printers in the market now.

I will introduce the different kind of printer separately, and give you the big picture of them from basic technology, price range, output quality and I also will recommend some printers at the end of each type printers.

InkJet printer

epson wp4010

epson wp4010 inkjets

Theory: An inkjet printer squirts liquid ink through extremely small holes in a print head to create an image.

Reason to choose Inkjet printer

  1. Inkjets are still the best for photo quality. Even the minimum resolution of a low-end inkjet, around 60-70 bucks, would up to 4800x 1200dpi. While one the maximum dpi for a high-end laser is only 600x600dpi. And the biggest dpi (dot per inch) human eyes could recognize is 300dpi, so normally we may not see the difference by the printouts. But inkjets are still the best at blending colors smoothly, especially when you are distinct carefully by tools. Inkjets will give you the best result of photo print outs.

    resolution eyes Vs Inkjets Vs Laser

    resolution eyes Vs Inkjets Vs Laser

  2. The price of an inkjet is affordable for most users.
  3. Inkjets can print on variety of media, such as designed canvas, iron-on transfers or some banner-size printouts. They actually will gently print on almost anything.

Best used for: This is a quite general topic, because there are many many models and functions which aimed to different users at variety prices. Some are designed for offices, some are meant to print photos only.  Actually, the vast majority are small enough to fit a desk and share the other home or home-office set up. And the impressive photo quality is ideal for photographers who like printing at home.

Speed: It’s varying from different printers, most inkjet printers have slow to average output speeds.

Ink costs
: Almost $0.4 /page for OEM toner
$0.1/Page or lower for compatible ink

Printout quality:
As mentioned above, most office inkjets do a decent job with photos because of its high resolutions. Of course, the quality is also caused by paper material and other reasons. Some inkjets may still produce gray, fuzzy text or graphics on plain paper. If you pick carefully, you can find all-purpose inkjets whose output rivals photo printers meant for professional photographers.

Text quality, It is not a good idea for formal business purposes. Internal business use is enough. Because ink tends to bleed into plain paper, which makes it hard for inkjets to print text with the fully professional look you would like to. Although the office use inkjets is better than home use in text printing, is still can’t avoid text crisp and smear like a laser does. Another, it is always smear if you are trying using a highlighter.

Price ranger: around $100 for single-function printers and $300 multi-function.

Recommend Printers:

  • Epson WP-4020
  • HP pro 8100
  • Canon iP4920
  • Epson WF60
  • HP officejet 100 


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