Manipulate Your Brother Ink Cartridges by Simple Steps

To reset a Brother Printer ink Cartridges is simply there are only a few steps you need to do. A Brother printer uses two things to check ink. You just need to figure out which way your Brother printer to detect ink before everything.

Brother LC103 C/M/Y OEM Ink Cartridge High Yield(Combo Set)

Brother LC103 C/M/Y OEM Ink Cartridge High Yield(Combo Set)

So first of all, you need to identify the printer. You can tell which printer you have by looking at where the cartridge goes in. If you find there are two “eyes” where the ink cartridges goes in between, You need to prepare a piece of Black electrical tape, masking tape or duct tape. Using a piece of tape to block between the “eyes”, you are misleading your Brother printer to think the cartridges are always full.  To block the path of the infrared beam, you just need to put a piece of tape on the piece of the cartridge that goes in between the eyes. If you do not find any “eyes”, you printer is using memory. To clear the memory, you need to take the cartridge out and unplugging your printer for at least 30 secs. After that you just plug your brother printer back in and put the cartridge back in. Repeat this for five times, your printer’s memory will be clean. You are done! Now you are able to be up and printing in no time.

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  1. Shirley

    note: it there any RESET-buttons located on those above noted ink-cartridges of BROTHER’s??? The repetitive problem that I have been getting is that though my ink cartridges are almost totally FULL . . . the fax-printer-scanner’s LCD-screen shows NO INK.!!!! GEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZ.!!!!!$$$$$$$$$$$$$


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