Battery Case -Juice Pack for iPhone 5

If you are always annoyed by nearing-dead battery iPhone at the vital moment, here is the solution.

juice batterry pack for iphone 5

juice batterry pack for iphone 5


Juice Pack battery case. So far, you may thought what I am going to talk about is the mkaret-leading battery case –Mophie air. The market price of this powerful pack is around $90 +, which is not amiable to users somehow. Anyway, it’s also available on our website and is still in the on sale period. If you are a brand loyal customer, click here.

But what I introduce today is the Juice Pack battery, which is from LBT at a half price of Mohpie, $50. It comes with 4 colors for choosing, black, white, pink and purple.

This rechargeable external battery case weighs of 2000mAh. It has exactly the same appearance of the Mohpie air. For those who are into slim iPhone 5, the battery pack is always not the best choice. But it is indeed thin and light for a case with power.

juice battery pack for iphone 5 hands on

juice battery pack for iphone 5 hands on


It is made with high quality plastic which protect well from scratch and drop down. There are a row of lights on its back. And they will be lit on as long as users press the small silver button besides, which means switch the extra battery on, and tell users how much power this pack has left.

This juice pack case need to be charged more time than Mohpie’s to full battery. Since the price is almost half of Air, it still could be a better choice.  The battery pack 100% last you long-term working and give your perfect busy day.

The rest is quite similar with the Mophie, if you are looking for favorable price for a battery pack case for iPhone 5. It won’t let you down.

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