Review Of Tatung TAC-6GSF Rice Cooker

Rice cooker is the latest in efficiency and effort saving small kitchen appliances. A rice cooker cooks your rice perfectly every time. Tatung TAC-6GSF Rice Cooker is an amazing electric pot that is easy to use. You cannot help wondering how this little gadget can cook rice so perfectly every time. In addition, how does it know when to stop the cooking process and switch to the warming mode in order to keep the cooked rice warm and do this automatically. You can’t help wondering if there may be some magic involved.
Tatung TAC-6GSF Rice Cooker
The features of Tatung TAC-6GSF Rice Cooker

  • Multi-functional rice cooker and steamer with warming option.
  • Cooks and steams: rice, stews, soups, seafood and others.
  • Stainless steel inner pot and accessories.
  • Double heating functions for better cooking.
  • Includes spatula, measuring cup and stainless steel steam tray pot cover, lid holder

Some of the our clients said:

This is a nice, basic rice cooker. I’ve wanted to get a rice cooker for some time but debated what size and model to get. The size is perfect for three or four people, and the steamer addition allows you to prep veggies and other foods to complement your meal.I’ve now used this at least a half a dozen times for brown rice, quinoa, and buckwheat (whole kasha) and it’s performed as well as the first time I used it. I’m very happy with this cooker.

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