Mother’s Day Gift Ideas— Lovely Home Decoration Gifts

There are some females that you also willing to express your love and respect on Mother’s day. They may be your friend, professor, or neighbor. They may just become a new mom. They may bring you some care or help when you really needed. So you want to express your appreciation to them on this Mother’s day with some lovely gifts. Today I will introduce 4 home decoration gifts that either of them will be a perfect gifts on this special day! You could firstly have a look at our Mother’s day Special Menu to get a brief idea about our Mother’s day promotion!

Mother'day gift ideas

Mother’day gift ideas

Here are some of the small gift ideas for Mother’s day. The First one will be the daisy shaped pocket Candle design by Donkey Creative Lab with the “Thank you” message on the lidded metal tin box cover. This 8X2.7cm sized candy made of 100% paraffin wax, and able to burning up to 8 hours  It will “make your heart leap and your eyes light up” said the designer. This little Candle will definitely brings her a peaceful mind when she using it. The second idea will be the Magnetic Vases designed by Monkey Business. Personally speaking I love this gift idea the most! This is perfect if you can bring a small bunch of flowers at the same time! Since each our pack contains 5 aluminum vases and 5 metal bases, 5 peace of flower is enough! With these thin vases, they will look perfect either on the long table or in front of window. With the bases placed under any table cloth, these Magnetic Vases create a fascinating effect. The vases are able to hold water, so they are suitable for both real and artificial flowers. The third suggestion will be coconut shaped bowls set. It including 2 tropics style bowls and 2 spoons which matching to them. The bowls is perfect for salad, dessert and ice cream. It can be washed in the dishwasher, not for microwave though. The last but not least gift idea will be the Hug a Mug designed by the Mustard. The coziest mug I have ever used! Snuggle up to a nice brew, mug of soup or a drink with the Hug-a-Mug. Thanks to its cleverly manufactured double wall and two perfectly placed inlaid hand prints, you can actually “hug a mug’ without getting your hands burnt! It is made of ceramic with a size of 11X11X11cm. What I am suggesting is that you should hug a mom when you give her the “Hug-a-Mug”.

Magnetic Vases designed by Monkey Business.

I hope we have brought you some Inspiration if you intending to make each Mother’s Day become even more memorable. Check our Mother’s day Special Menu to see more special options available. Do not forget to use our coupon code: 123mother2013 to get 10% off when you check out. (Expired on May 12th, 2013.)

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