Griffin MyPhones Headphones for Children Review

There are so many choices of headphones available out there. But as a parent, are you always feel it is so hard to find a pair that is able to protect your little child’s sensitive ears? Today Griffin Myphones offers the solution for us. They feature an always-on volume limiter. This will limit the little to turn the volume up too loud to blow their ear-drums out. They are now also available from our website.

Griffin® MyPhones Volume-Limiting Headphones for Kids, White

Griffin® MyPhones Volume-Limiting Headphones for Kids, White

Without the Griffin volume limiter, MP3 player such as the iPod is around 120dB which is the same as an ambulance screaming past you in the street. Compare to people normally talking voice is around50-60dB. As a conclusion, you can set to a maximum 85dB all the time, which is loud enough for hearing without any damage. And how does it sound? They sound great! There is a good balance of treble and bass. The noise cancellation is perfect. They do isolate the noise even when you next to it. On either side of Griffin Myphones there is a big comfortable can. They are good enough to block any noise. There is also an adjustable head strap to fit different sized heads. Since this is for children only, they keep things small. In case of the pockets of your kids are full of stones and candies, the 127cm cable make the MP3 player tucked neatly away in a back pack. It is a pleasant surprise that the appeal of the headphone is interchangeable. In the box, there are two designs of cover inserts. Moreover, there are two sets of blank templates so you can custom your own design! You can also copy as many templates as you wish, it’s easy! By the way, the large strong plastic carry case is reusable without any sticky trademark sticker on it.

It’s great that children can personalize the headphones. I bought Griffin Myphones as a gift for my sister’s daughter, who is 40 pound, 41 inch, 4.5 year old and they fit her perfect! If you concerned about the size and ear coverage, this is some information you can refer. In all, it is a great gift for the kiddos! Click here to order one for your little angle!

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