Car essentials for On The Go

This year might be the worst allergy season ever in Canada, but it won’t ruin my enthusiasm to load up car to get somewhere else. It still the right time for a road trip, isn’t it?

Here is the list of car essentials for on the go , click the single item in the picture for details.


Hand sanitizer: Since we are suffered from climate changing and over allergy season, keep ourselves away from the germs is the basic way to reduce the healthy problems happened on the road. Keep one hand sanitizer in car would be useful and necessary.

GPS: Well, this is no doubt key necessities for everyone, for those cars don’t factory equipped. Choose a handy one might around $100 is quite enough for travelers. And with some APPs in your smart phone, it also easily

Car mount: This is quite like a must have while your GPS is no place to stay in your car. Better to choose one universal car mount which holds any devices,such as GPS, PDA and smart phones.

Bluetooth headsets: The reason it should be with a road trip is obviously. For the safe driving and better connection in case any happened.

Electricity Power Inverter: Mostly a long road trip over 2 hours or you might travel with your children; one laptop might help them quiet and kill time. So that will be necessary to have an electricity power inverter to keep the device full of battery anytime. It converts in the direct current (DC) from your car’s battery to alternating current (AC). Just plug the device into your cigarette lighter,
those most small electronic devices would work regularly.

Solar Charger: This will be a perfect eco-friendly charger for the travelers or daily use. This charger has an USB output and mini-USB input. These two big solar panels are connected to the 800mAh rechargeable lithium battery. It will be perfect to charge your mobiles, MP3 on the road, continue making fun on your summer road trip.

Waterproof Cases for mobile/ Tablet cases with keyboard: here is the OtterBox Armor Series is super hard iPhone case, it could withstand up to two tons of crushing force and tolerate submersions for 30 minutes in up to 6.6 feet of water. Amazing protection will be the no.1 choice for the outdoor activity carriers.

Tablet cases with keyboard will be good for someone still need work on their business or chat online with friends. Ultra slim and light won’t be your travel burden at all.

Last but not at least, you may choose one long cable to connect your any devices in certain distance. That will be comfortable and easier for you charging devices.

Those products are all available on 123InkCartridges, those car gadgets are practical for not only the road trip, but also daily driving. Hope you like it and enjoy the summer.

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