Xerox Phaser 7800 Toner Cartridges OEM the Best Choice for Office

Backing from vacation and find out the Xerox Phaser 7800 in the office is out of toner? You do not want to have a headache on your first day back to work. Just a simple click on our website, You will be surprised to discover that we have best price of OEM High Capacity toner for Xerox Phaser 7800. (As well as 7800DX, 7800GX) Without mentioning the free shipping, fast shipping and customer services, you can just sit down and enjoy your coffee and leave all the work to us .

Xerox 106R01569 OEM High Capacity Toner Cartridge

Xerox 106R01569 OEM Black High Capacity Toner Cartridge

Xerox106R0156 OEM High Capacity Toner Cartridges is a high premium quality of product, and you will be able to get it for granted, since it is all made by the original manufacture company,it will be able to print with the approximation up to 717,200 pages, with the shield life up to 2 years plus it’s amazing true vivid color, I am sure that it is the best ideal for the offices who own the Xerox Phaser 7800 series printer. Plus we are offering you one year guarantee, plus with free return. You really have nothing to worried about.

OEM Model 106R01566 C OEM
Color Cyan
Quantity 1 Toner Cartridge
Condition OEM
Shelf Life 2 Years
Type Toner Cartridge
Yield up to 17,200 pages

The following list are our TOP 5 Xerox toner cartridges 

Xerox 106R0156

Xerox 106R0116

Xerox 106R0107

Xerox 016-197

Xerox 106R012

Xerox 106R01569 OEM High Capacity Toner Cartridge

Xerox 106R01569 OEM High Capacity Toner Cartridge


  • What does the date on Xerox toner boxes mean? 

It shows the expiration date. It is probably still O.K. to use. The date is actually warning you that the it will have a chance begin to go bad. Expired Toner may have a risk cake up and end up giving bad prints, streaks, etc., and may lead to an issues with printer itself. However, the expiration dates are not an issue for Xerox Phaser 7800 OEM High Capacity Toner Cartridges, Because they have been in sealed packaging. They are OEM (original equipment manufacturer).

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