Scosche® goBAT II IPDBAT2 High Capacity Backup Battery Review

Do you travel for a living? Does the long plane rides leaves you without your phone due to drained batteries? Scosche® goBAT II High Capacity Backup Battery gives your portable gadgets a drink during the halfway of your journey. This high capacity backup battery perfect fits mostly anywhere you need it. Instead of spending over hundreds of dollar on batteries, you are happy to find this cheaper, lighter and smaller goBAT II really works awesome! It is now available from our website!

Scosche® goBAT II High Capacity Backup Battery

Scosche® goBAT II High Capacity Backup Battery

To turn on goBAT II, just press the button. This Portable Battery allows you to quickly charge all your devices. You can charge the unit fully in a few hours and can use it to charge your tablet twice or your cell phone more than 4 times. The Scosche IPDBAT2 goBAT II recharges via micro-USB connection, this makes it easy to recharge by using a car-charger, PC USB port, or even solar panels. It will hold a charge for weeks and able to stay tucked away in your travel bag until you need it. It also features a display to let you know how much charge left so you know when to recharge it. Since it is able to charge an Ipad2 directly from the battery, Scosche iPDBAT2 goBAT II is much more portable over other competing brands. You can even charge your cell phone at the same time via the second USB port. The major advantage of Scosche unit is the dual USB charging outlets that Scosche offered, which is one of the coveted larger current connections you will need to charge your tablet.

Scosche go BAT II is fantastic! It has way more than enough power to help you. Just plug your phone into it with the USB-Cable charger which came with your phone, you are good to go for using your phone heavily wherever you go! Definite recommend for the tech-addicted road warrior. Click here to grab the Scosche goBAT2 today. It’s amazing!

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