Reviews On Zojirushi NP-KAC18 10-Cup Rice Cooker

If you are choosing the best rice cooker for your home kitchen, there are some very specific factors you should take into consideration prior to making your purchase. You need to know your requirements regarding the rice cooker’s fuel and capacity and have some point of your wife’s preferred cooker brand. Zojirushi Company has the best type of rice cookers and products in the marketplace!
Zojirushi NP-KAC18 10-Cup Rice Cooker
Zojirushi NP-KAC18 10-Cup Rice Warmer

  • It has 10-cup 1350W rice cooker
  • It uses Induction Heating technology
  • It has Multiple-menu cooking functions
  • It has a Thick, spherical inner cooking pan, carrying handle and detachable cord; you can wash by hand
  • It Includes rinse-free rice measuring cup, rice measuring cup, spatula holder and nonstick rice spatula
  • Its LCD user interface has clock and timer
  • Measures 15-3/8 by 11 by 9-1/8 ins

The Zojirushi NP-KAC18 10-Cup Rice Cooker is not only easy to use and useful but it is also extremely economical. The Zojirushi NP-KAC18 could be afforded by simple households as well. So whether you are a large family needing huge amount of cooked rice each meal or you stay alone and need just a bit of rice from time to time, Zojirushi NP-KAC18 10-Cup Rice Cooker is the product to suit your needs!

One of our clients said:Zojirushi NP-KAC18 was a Easter present to my granddaughter and she is definitely crazy about it. Zojirushi NP-KAC18 is definitely my favorite. I’ve kept rice in it for more than 35 hours and the rice tasted so good, just like it was just made. I am very satisfied with this shopping. It was a wonderful gift item. Zojirushi Company makes some amazing products.

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