Jawbone® JBF02 ERA™ Midnight The Best yet Noise Reduction Bluetooth Headset

Are you searching for the best Bluetooth technology? This small feather weight Jawbone®JBF02 ERA has an improved quality with strong natural output of sound volume and incredible noise-canceling technology.  It fits perfectly comfortable. Moreover, ERA is one of the first Bluetooth headsets to have the ability to have software loaded onto it. Now it is available from our online store!

Original Aliph Jawbone® JBF02 ERA™ Midnight Bluetooth Headset

Original Aliph Jawbone® JBF02 ERA™ Midnight Bluetooth Headset

Jawbone®ERA is packaged in a very cool and Eco-friendly box.  It comes with just about every possible kind of attachment you could imagine.There are four of ear-tips in the box leading to a stable secure fit, as well as remains fairly comfortable for extended periods of time. The call quality is outstanding. The ERA handles the noise like a champ. It also auto-adjusts inbound call volume and intelligibility to your environment. Whether you are at noisy ball game or on the road, you will always hear loud and be heard clear. It’s a grand slam! The inner surface of the Era has a tiny power switch to turn it on or off.  A tiny power light will warning you the lack of electricity. It is pretty cool that not limit with the Voice and Dial-Apps now you can adjust nearly a dozen of the Era’s settings there, too. You can disable the “double shake-shake” pairing function and changed the button-hold behavior from volume adjustment to Noise Assassin disabling and enabling. You can still access this function via the Multi-function button after. By the way, both mono and stereo sound work flawlessly for iPhone user.

Jawbone ERA™ Midnight Bluetooth Headset will be the best headset you have ever had! It provides excellent performances in full-spectrum, and HD-quality sound. It is also the most convenient way to enjoy all your mobile media and calls in one place. You’ll be totally hands-free and never miss a beat. Click here to order with us today!

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