Jawbone® BIGJambox™ Graphite Hex the Best Wireless Bluetooth Speaker You Have Ever Compare To

Do you have to have Bluetooth on your computers and/or Cell phones? Are you looking for a wireless Bluetooth speaker that can rock you? Comparing to all the other wireless speakers, here is your best choice. Jawbone® BIGJambox™ Graphite Hex is the one that you will immediately fall in love with.

Jawbone® BIGJambox™ Graphite Hex

Jawbone® BIGJambox™ Graphite Hex

With its trendy and cool looking, BIGJambox is design for all the music and/or movie lovers. Especially if your favorite music is acoustic, jazz, orchestra, choral, classical, pop, rock. BIGJambox has a very defined and crystal clear mid and highs; as well as, Powerful and tight bass. The most remarkable point for this product is HUGE sound. You will be surprised the sound is powerful enough even to overcome machinery in the warehouse! For movie lovers, you do not want to miss its LiveAudio Feature! This is a simulated 3D surround sound mode and the effect is breathtaking! If you close your eyes, your ears will tell you that you are in the theater. The biggest bonus of the BIGJambox is the excellent speakerphone they built in. It is a great idea for a “family discussion” phone call. The call is clear on both ends.

Not to mention the great feature on BIGJambox, It giving you the ability to customize your device. BIGJamebox keep their speakers’ software based and user update-able  And you do not need to carry the big charger block around. Simply with a micro-USB you can charge it perfectly fine wherever you go. By a mile, BIGJambox has a longer battery life up to 18 hours. So you have enough time to enjoy it in any occasion!

The market price 314.99$. Our website only 284.99$ plus free shipping! To get your BIGJambox speaker, Click here to see our purchase site.

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