iPhone Earphone Cable Management/Cord Wrap for Sports Lovers

iPhone Earphone Cable Management /Cord Wrap Selecion 

Since the day I began to be the iPhone user, I have scrapped almost 4-5 pairs of earphones from apple. And it almost cost me to have a higher quality earbuds, such as BOSE. Of course, I saw they’ve improved in many detail places each year. Such as, it doesn’t make a knot in your large bag anymore since Apple change their earphone copper wrapper material.

Regardless of the sound quality of the 40 bucks earphone or earbuds, there is still one more thing that makes me annoyed by those earphones.  That is the tangled cord always makes your lapse in to embarrassing scenario. Especially, when you have a serious exercise time, the long,curl earphone cables disrupt you any time.

So,I suggest some cord wrap to you here, all of them are available in our website.

Onanoff® Magneat  Cable Management



This creative design is really ideal for some sports lovers+ music lovers.
Magnetic clip: Slide apart and clip it on by magnetic, it can attach on your garment, bags or any other cloth. Then wind your earphone cord on and adjust to the best length.

Onanoff Cable management keeps your cord neat, untangled, and light on the ears. That’s convenient to for you are jogging, or have a payment with no hands. It won’t get you in fluster.

Magneat cable managment

Magneat cable managment using guide

They also have the Magneat clip with earbuds sold in combo and come a lot different pattern, style and colors.



onanoff magnet cable clip

Let’s talk about Onanoff® Magnum earbuds, it designs for music lovers who are really serious about the audio experience.

onandoff magnet clip with earbuds

onandoff magnet clip with earbuds

  • This earbuds mainly give booming bass and crystal-clear highs.
  • It comes 3 size of silicone buds, totally hi-definition noise isolating.
  • In addition, there is in-line mic and remote with answer and off the phone call easily.
  • Cable is made by fabric, won’t be easily split or broken.
  • And the package also included one built in audio splitter–love Jack– allows you share music with maximum 4 users.



Other choices in this coming summer

Kikkerland® BunnyBuddy Ear Buds And Cord Wrap

Ear buds and cord wrap

  1. Kikkerland® Bunny Ear Buds And Cord Wrap
  2. Kikkerland® Robo Buddy Ear Buds And Cord Wrap
  3. Kikkerland® Branch Earphone Splitter
  4.  Mini cookies heatset wire wrap    

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