Introduing The Newest iCircle iPad Mini Case

 iCircle Rolling Ave. iPad case is a more stylish and innovative iPad mini cases which release your hand when you want to relax and enjoy the screen in e-reading, movie-watching or gaming. Now is available on our website for only $49 !  The glossy plastic shell and the aluminum circle ring make it more solid and durable than a cover. The spin cutting finish of the circle ring makes it shiny and delicate. The die casting metal hinge will let you hold it more safely. This iCircle iPad mini case comes in two color, black+black circle and white+silver circle.

iCircle iPad Review 123InkCartridges

iCircle iPad Review 123InkCartridges

With iCircle iPad case’s four-bar-linkage mechanism design you can enjoy 4 kinds of scenarios like holding, portrait viewing, landscape viewing, gaming and typing. With just a simple finger click of the circle ring, you can start enjoy 4 mode of your iPad life style.


Holding mode: Simply holding the iPad with clutch the circle ring; it is deep enough to afford a one-handing grip.Portrait mode:Pulling out the circle, the hollow ring will pops out at an angle that perfect enough to hold your iPad upright. Now you are able to enjoy the screen in vertical.Landscape mode:Rotating the circle stand 90 degree to switch from portrait viewing, then you can enjoy the horizontal viewing.Typing mode:Hold and rotate your iPad to switch around 180 degree from landscape mode between high and low viewing, it is perfect for a comfortable typing position.

iCircle ipad carrying sleeve 123InkCartridges

iCircle ipad carrying sleeve 123InkCartridges

iCircle iPad case Rolling Ave. also put a eye on detail. Personally I love the part that this iCircle case never leaves a finger. As well as, the simple little metal circle leaves room for you and brings a clever and fashion look. Moreover, It is also very thought full that a carrying sleeve is included in this combo package which gives a good protection for your iPad when you traveling, studying, or working.



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