How to Connect a PC to an LCD via a Wireless HDMI

Elimination of cables connected in a house helps to tidy up the room. It also helps to reduce the number of tripping hazards in the computer room. Learning how to connect a PC to an LCD via a wireless HDMI helps to steam line the computer room and fully utilize the capability of the high dimension images of the LCD television. The process is always simple and easy to carry out without processional’s assistance. To begin with, one must power down the personal computer and the liquid crystal display screen.
How to Connect a PC to an LCD via a Wireless HDMI
Disconnect any of a cable that might be connected to the liquid crystal display screen’s input port and the output port of the monitor. Make installation for the software and drivers by inserting the installation disk and pressing on the installation button. Insert the HDMI wireless kit on the computer’s port where the LCD cable was initially inserted. Connect a receiver on the computer’s HDMI port. The display settings for the LCD monitor are made using the installed software. Reboot the personal computer when connection is complete. If properly connected, the personal computer’s home screen appears on the LCD screen. One can then enjoy the large images on the high definition supporting liquid crystal display screen.

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