How to clean the drum in the printer

If your drum is not clean in your printer may lead to usual paper jam, or other printing malfunction; such as prints start coming out with lines, streaks, and blotches and so on. Vice verse, those printing out defects may caused by uncleanly drum unit. Check and clean the drum unit in your printers frequently also extends the working life of the drum unit.

Tools you need to prepare before starting clean the drum unit
  • Q-tips

    tools for clean drum printer-123inkcartridges

    tools for clean drum printer

  •  Brush
  • Wipe cloth
  • Paper towel
  • Tweezers
  • Small needle-nose pliers
  • Gloves and face mask
  • Rubbing alcohol





Now the Steps to clean the drum of your printer

Step1: Turn off and unplug your printer, let it cool down otherwise, the heat fusers will burn your hands.

Step2: Wear your gloves and mask on. Toner particles includes toxic substance may potentially cause some serious health problems. Remove the drum unit from the printer. Please follow the manufacturer’s instruction of your printer. And pull out the toner cartridges one by one.

Step3: Put the drum and toner cartridges on a paper towel. Be careful the fingerprints on the roller surfaces, which may affect printing and it is possible to spill toner making a huge mess. That why put the paper towel beneath the toner and drum. If it comes in contact with your skin, wash the affected area immediately.

Step4: Check the drum first and looking at its surface, you would find out the same mark on the drum which matches your problem print-out, such as the same smudge, streak, or lines. Inspect the drum if there is any obvious damage, or large chunks of toner on the drum unit. If there is any toner chunks, remove them with the tweezers or needle-nose pliers. (Mind the sharp needle on the drum)

Step5: Wipe its surface with wipe dry cloth. Using Q-tips in rubbing alcohol and clean visible oily or dirty on the drum. Even you can use either the portable vacuum to suck the toner powder, or air compress spray to blow the dust particles off the drum unit.

Tips: Some printers like Brother, the drum are connected to the toner. Or some printers have toner drum cartridges equipped with their own cleaning mechanism.  So you may run it monthly instead of manual cleaning.

Step6: Replace the drum unit back and perform a test print to see if it is working

Check and clean your drum unit of the printers frequently, it also save you extra money on the consume materials,and reduce the waste of the print-outs. Don’t forget April 22nd is earth day, may you could do it from those little tings to save planet from now on.

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