Economies 80$ on Lexmark S515 Wireless Inkjet Printer with OEM Ink Pack MSRP

Got tired of your old annoying problem Printer and looking for a replacement? After going through a few different printers, I have found Lexmark S515 to be one of the best! It is Wireless and perfect to use! Now it is on promotion from our website. Save 80$!!! 149.99$ only!!! (was 229.99$) For the combo: Lexmark S515 plus 150 OEM Ink Pack MSRP. It is 34% off!!!

Lexmark S515 Wireless Inkjet Printer With OEM Ink Pack MSRP

Lexmark S515 Wireless Inkjet Printer With OEM Ink Pack MSRP

This Lexmark S515 Wireless Inkjet is a great printer! Quiet and fast! It takes almost no time for the cycle to prepare the print heads. The automatic double side printing option is pretty sweet.  it prints on one side and then sucks the paper back in and prints on the other side. It helps us to save the papers as well as the environment! It has Air print so I can print directly from your PC, Laptop, tablet, iPhone and almost every WIFI devices. As well as, Scanning and faxing paper is quite simple and easy!

Below is the video to teach you how to use your Lexmark Printer to print with Air print.

I absolutely love and enjoy the Lexmark S515 Wireless Printer! It is much faster and better quality! I would recommend this excellent printer to who ever wants wireless connections. You will find that the product appears to be more capable than you imagine! Click here to order with us today! You will be extremely satisfied with it!

Here Below is the introduction in French.


If you get a power hit and the printer loose the wireless connection and goes offline. Reloading the software can get it work again. Or you can set the thing using the advance setting, manually putting the setting into the printer.

Since the printers program does not include an option for envelops of 6/3/4 size, which is the most common size envelope for office use to mail letters. To print on the 6/3/4 size envelope you need to make a “custom” size of envelope and it will work fine.

This printer only picks up wireless N routers. Not suitable for router who only pick up G/B signals.

Click here to order with us today!

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