Why Choosing an OEM Lexmark Toner Cartridges is a Great Idea?


lexmark toner cartridges

lexmark toner cartridges

Just to inform you that, we have recently included the Lexmark OEM Toner cartridges into our laser printer supply criteria with a full stock and lower costs here at 123inkcartridges. For the person who has been recently acquired Lexmark laser printer and seeking for the toner cartridges, then here is the best the best place. First, we offering you both the original remanufacture Lexmark ink (a.k.a OEM or genuine ink) as well as the compatible one, second, we offer you the lower price from ordering online and last but not the least, we offer the fastest shipping in Canada. Without even talking about the free shipping and our customer service, I am sure that you are pretty much saving much more in comparison to the money that you have been wasted from some other places.

Order lexmark toner online

Order lexmark toner online

Why choosing a Lexmark toner cartridge is a great idea? Well, the answer can be varied, but if you really wanna me to give you a concrete answer, I will say probably say:” for the environment”. As you can see from the company announcement it which Lexmark has emphasized their return and recycling program aggressively, their laser cartridges does not just producing fancy highlight color for the printing, moreover, it helps us to save our environment by producing less plastic and also the ink, recently, they have been implementing the wasted ink and use that for producing their own recycle pen. According to John Gagel, the sustainability manager from Lexmark , he quoted that their product“a completely new design that’s more functional, the ink flow is better and the material is 94% made by the recycle material”, we can definitely see the visionary breakthrough and their company core value by seeing how this company to conduct actions for preserve the environmental by implementing recycle cartridges program and using the recycle material as remanufacture, which is quite rare to see such a great company can have done so much impact for doing things for the environment. That’s perhaps one of the major reason why I feel responsible everytime that I used their product, I hope t hat this article can shed some light on if you are one who is currently looking for a toner cartridges ink supply.

The following list are our TOP 10 Lexmark toner cartridges 

Lexmark E 250/E350

Lexmark E330/E332/E332N/E332TN/E340/E342

Lexmark E230/E232/E234/E240/E330/E332/E340/E342/E342N


Lexmark E260 Series/E360 Series/E460 Series

Lexmark E360 Series/E460 Series

Lexmark T640 Series/T642 Series/T644 Series

Lexmark T644 Series

Lexmark C544 Series

C736Series and Lexmark – X736 Series

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