Experience Amazing 3D printing Step by Step

3D printer is getting reached everyone’s ears frequently from last year.  Actually, it happened as early as 80’s last century, it is being used in real life until nowadays.

3D printing, also called additive manufacturing is a process of making a 3D solid object of virtually any shape from digital model. It comes real by successive layers of material which are laid down in different shapes.

It could be used widely in jewelry design, shoes design, construction, dentistry and open-source scientific equipment or other science-based applications like reconstructing fossils, or archaeology which made mold of building construction.

In short, 3D printers would play a big role in human beings next technique step.

How about 3D printers using in daily life?

3D printing

Desk ,portable 3D printers

We’ve seen there are a lot manufacturers have begun to sell the 3D printers in the market. Get a look of this affordable, professional 3D printer idea on kickstarter. You will get a big picture of desk portable 3D printers. And on the site, it has been far beyond the $100k goal pledge as well, which clearly shows the high demand of this product. Especially those engineers, or the designers who have their own work offices, are eager to get one to help their modeling work.

How does 3D Printers work?

Again, we are still curious about how the 3D printer works, and like we know photos could be print out by ink toner cartridges, then what’s the specific materials for the 3D printers?

Firstly, see the video below would be visualized for us.

On the kickstarter, it introduces you the new stuff by two parts: software and hardware. Obviously, the software means the design or the blue prints in your PC software. The hardware —3D Printer- is what makes your “thinking “comes to the solid work. It is called stereolithography(SL). And the material like ink toner for the normal 2D printers, basically is the liquid plastic resin or plastic filament. The laser draws and hardens a layer at a time until the entire model is built. It’s simple, reliable, and quiet On kickstarter, the starter used new improved materials called Form 1 to reduce the cost of 3D printers.

Form 1

3D printing Form 1 from kickstarter

The price usually starts at $1300 around and plus.

What we can try and reach now?

3D case shell template

nokia lumia 820-3D case shell template

Let’s see the further using in our life now. Nokia Lumia 820 released 3D Templates-3D printing development kit– for the phone cases.

Here is the links

It may need you register as a Nokia user first, basic information like email,not complicated. Then with your 3D printer, customize your Nokia Lumia 820 Phone cases right away.

Have a try on those new stuff,and experience of 3D printers in advance.

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