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Every time that you are about to buy a brand new printer, the first thing that you should keep in mind is not the cost of the printer, but rather, the cost ink and toner cartridges, that will be the most important factor in which you will have to take it into consideration because you don’t purchase printer ink for one-time, most of the case, you will have to spend tremendously amount of money for purchasing the same ink cartridges for many years, so if you are still using the high cost OEM ink cartridges toner cartridges, you are trapped!! The best way for you to alleviate such situation, you should definitely need to search an alternative which will help you to greatly reduce your printing cost. We 123InkCartridges encourage you to following our ink/toner cartridges blog for more detail information.

compatible ink cartridges

Compatible Ink Cartridges

The most common way to save your printing cost, is to use the compatible ink cartridges (aka third party or refilled ink cartridges), so what does a compatible cartridges means? Just like what the name has mentioned, a compatible cartridges is made by the third party brand rather than the original one, since the cartridges are mostly redesigned or refilled to ensure greater compatibility between different printer models, the overall cost for this type of cartridges is much cheaper because 1) it does not made from the genuine company which requires huge investment on heavy advertising 2) it offers wider range of compatibility so it can support many printer model rather just one 3) the compatible cartridges most have larger ink volume than the OEM one because it’s actually an improved version (still a myth and have dispute for many years), many original brand has recommended to go with original cartridges because they believe the use of duplicate or refilled cartridges will cause permanent or irreversible damage to the printers, however, such facts have already proved as irrelevant, and that is why today there are many customers choose using compatible ink cartridges as their printing source and why there were many compatible ink toner cartridges existed in the market. For more information, please check our ink cartridge blog for the newest update.

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