Why our printer cartridges have chips, what does it mean to you?

chip ink cartridges

chip ink cartridges

If you have spent tremendously amount of money buying ink cartridges for the your printers, then you must have aware the fact that most of the modern printer cartridges do have little circuit board which attached on your printer, we also refer that as chip cartridges, in today’s blog topic we are going to talk a bit about Chip and No Chip ink cartridges.

Why most of the modern printer cartridges have chips on it? 

There are mainly two types of cartridges exited in the market, one of them is called Ink Tanks and another one is called ink cartridges which you found the second one quite familiar because it is more common, usually the ink tank is just the small container which used to hold the ink storage, so normally it does not have any circuit board on it, so in order to let it print, the only  thing that we need to do is just to plug in the printer so the ink will flow through to the print-head, on the other hand, the ink cartridges type of cartridges usually have it own head head built in, so it usually have chips or circuit on it and I explain why are the reasons at the following, it can be very complicated …

First of all, the existence of the chip ink cartridges are serving as the main purpose to stop and interfere the market of refilled, remanufacture or compatible ink cartridges where these cartridges are not main produced by the original equipment manufacturer, so in order to stop them, they will make a specific chip for the model number and update software randomly so if the customer accidentally buy the one which is not compatible, the chip will send error code to the printer so it cannot be recognized and thus can’t be able to print, most of the OEM brand recommend people do not use the compatible ink cartridges because it says it might damage the machine, such thing are not true, basically what these companies trying to imply is just to purchase their own high price cartridges and buy it more and more every time when you see your ink level is low even most of the case is not true, anyways I will write another blog regard to these topics and please let me know how you think !


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