The Differences between OEM Cartridges and Compatible Cartridges

If you have browse our web page enough, then you must have realized some of our ink/toner cartridges are differentiated by OEM, compatible or even remanufacture cartridges categories, so in today’s blog I am going to explain you “what are the differences between OEM, compatible and remanufacture cartridges” in a greater detail content, so you will not be panic anymore by seeing many different technical words, and if you are planning to save cost from printing, then you should definitely read the following article to find out what suits you more.

differences between OEM, compatible and remanufacture cartridges

Shop Online for OEM, compatible and remanufacture cartridges

If you are cost saving savy who got a printer, the first thing that you will be aware is it’s printing cost, that is definitely one of the inevitable that you can’t avoid with, no matter if you are using either the Laser printer or the inkjet printer, there will always that one day your ink cartridges will be empty and you will need a new, and then that is the time that you are going to make a decision how to minimum your cost better, generally, if you only using printer to print standard document, then there is nothing that you need to worry about since your printing cost will be low anyways, however, if you are the person who prints stuffs in daily speaking, then the concern for using cartridges will be tremendously important, especially when the price of ink and toner cartridges can range quite widely, so don’t get excited whenever you see the $30 printer deal online, sometime you could be trapped by its high-cost cartridges fee and eventually, you are not saving money but spend much much more, that is the typical sale marketing strategy tho, don’t get fool!

Shop Online for OEM, compatible and remanufacture cartridges

Shop Online for OEM, compatible and remanufacture cartridges


The Differences between OEM to Compatible Cartridges 

OEM cartridges:

This type of ink or toner cartridges are made by the original manufacture company, so let’s say if you are using the Brother printer, your ink or toner cartridges will be made by same company, sometimes we refer it to genuine cartridges, usually the price is much more expensive, however the performance is more stable, good for professional printing usage.

Remanufacture Ink/Toner Cartridges

A Remanufaccture toner or ink cartridges is usually a recycle version from the OEM by using the original cartridges case, or the damaged cartridges fixed by the OEM company and disassemble it and refill with the cartridges, sometimes, the original manufacture company just replace the worn or bad-designed part and called it compatible cartridgeds, sometimes the orginal manufacture often drill a hole from the cartridges in order to defficiate the genuine to the remanufacture one so make sure you find the reputable dealer in order to make sure the quality and performance will be okay.

Compatible Toner cartridges:

A compatible toner cartridges, as the same as it named, is often product by a third party manufacture with new design to make it perfectly compatible, it share the similar quality to the OEM ink or toner cartridges, since the price is much cheaper, these type of cartridges is often popular in the market, thus, the genuine usually do recommend their customer only to purchase their own ink/toner cartridges in order to avoid troubles.

The battle between both the OEM ink toner cartridges to the compatible cartridges are still a hot topic in which both stands on its Pro and Con, to my opinion there is nothing better, nothing superior and nothing perfect, there are always exception, people often say it OEM cartridges are much better and less trouble, but in my opinion I have heard and received many cases which due by the OEM cartridges, cartridges is a fragile thing and it can be damaged by many different reason if not handling well, weather, humidity, method of shipping…etc, personally I would go for compatible cartridges, because I don’t like the concept of big brand and I found myself perfectly suitable by spending a $6 bucks ink cartridges rather than the $26.99 one, hopefully this article will be helpful to you, and let me know what you think in our comment.

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