Most Common Ink Cartridges Problem

Most common problem for ink cartridges

Most common problem for ink cartridges

It’s normal for you guys to have question regard to ink cartridges, that is the main reason that you browse on Google with the keyword such as what does it mean empty cartridges?”, “what are the differences between OEM and compatible ink cartridges?” “How many page that the cartridges can print?”…etc, we received such question very frequently on the daily basis, so today in our blog I am going to go over with you what are the common ink cartridges questions asked from our 123ink fans, feel free to submit your feedbacks at the following comments.

Why does my printer say cartridge is empty?

This could either be a simplistic or complicated question depend what the situation is, normally, the printer will only show the empty message when your cartridges has a low ink or empty level, which is completely normal, the chip inside the cartridges will send a notification whenever you need to change a new cartridges, most of the case, the cartridges will still work, so you can pretty much ignore the warning message until your ink is completely empty. Many people do have question regard to our compatible ink model whether it will print as much as the OEM one, the answer is positive, since most cases our compatible ink cartridges will have larger volume of ink level, the larger volume of ink implicate that you will be able to print more pages, for our compatible ink cartridges section, feel free to check here >>.

Will a compatible cartridge void my printer warranty?

Absolutely not, there is nothing that you need to worry about for the voiding of the printer warranty, in fact, it is illegal from a printer manufacture to obligate you to purchase the specific brand ink cartridges or printer supplier unless you are signing a big contract with the OEM company who supplies your printer facilities, you can refer this example as car dealer will not have the right to obligate you to purchase OEM parts to have your car fixed or maintenance, that is not reasonable, unless the original equipment manufacturer company have the absolute prove that our compatible cartridges as well as the remanufacture cartridges, will damage the printer in overall speaking, so by mean the OEM companies will not void your warranty, the purchase for having such phrase is just simply to scared the customers so they will only replied on their high price ink cartridges.

How do I know when the cartridge is truly low on ink?

This is a simple and logical question to answer, as long as you see the color of the printer are becoming darker, or the quality of cartridges start to appear as light color, half print, streaking or even no color just lines, then it’s an indication for showing that you will need to change the cartridges, if your ink cartridges have chips on it, then a message will pop up from the screen and telling you that when you should replace your ink cartridges, it is not 100% accurate, but it’s basically an approximation.

Is the compatible or remanufacture cartridges worse than OEM cartridges?

There is nothing worse or cartridges no matter if is a OEM one or the remanufacture/compatible brand, in most case, each cartridges should be tested strictly by the manufacture, and the inks should be specialized design for each cartridges, all the process from cleaning to refilling, will be process accurately, and the cartridges that should be print tested by the manufacture to ensure that everything will be correct and no bad color will be appeared.

What is the difference between compatible and remanufactured cartridge?

I wrote an article refer to that previous and you can click this link for the detail. Generally, there is really not much differences between the remanufacture and the compatible ink cartridges, since both are them are either re-design or refill depend on the brands, and both are non-genuine products so you might find it the price is much more cheaper than the OEM one.

How do I know which cartridges model should I use for my printer? 

You can always use our search function to find out what cartridges that you are using for the printer, just simply type the printer model and then you will be able to find out their compatible ink cartridges, you can also search through our cartridges list too. Please let us know if you have further question.


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