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ask yor question on our facebook page here

ask yor question on our facebook page here

I am very happy with the fact that people are starting to ask us question online, for me, I would consider that as an appreciation rather than annoyances, at the first, customers/fans do have  the rights to know what they are looking for, and that is why they came to us, secondly, it means that we are pushing forward our brand image since people start to realize that we do have a source where people can freely express how they feel, especially on Facebook/ Twitter where I received questions under daily based, so just make sure to let you know, WE DO LOVE QUESTIONS!!! so if you got any sort of question related to printer cartridges, HDMI cable, iPhone/iPad accessories or electronics, feel free to ask me on social media, don’t be shy ! In the following you will see the TOP 10 Q & A for the month, I hope that will be helpful.

Where can I find your Facebook/Twitter Page?

This is perhaps the most frequent question that I got in daily basis; there are 3 ways to locate us:

  1. You can search that on the bottom of our web page.
  2. You will search either from Google or Facebook page itself simply by typing our company name
  3. The best and the most direct way are to click the following >> For FACBOOK | For TWITTER

 123InkCartridges Facebook Page:

123InkCartridges Twitter Page:

123InkCartridges Pinterest:

how to search 123inkcartridges

how to search 123inkcartridges

Where do I get coupon from your site?

Coupon !! I am sure that people do love it because that is basically the way to SAVE you more, so from us we offer different coupons depend on the circumstance, we do offer coupon for free shipping, discount coupon, gift coupon, promotion coupon or holiday coupon, and how do you acquire these coupons? Very simple! You can get our coupon through our social network sites such as Facebook/Twitter and sometimes Pinterest or even Youtube, you will also be able by getting free coupon by subscribe our email news flyer, we will constantly sending not coupons, special on sale items and more promotion events, make sure you stay on tight with us.

newsletter-subscribe 123inkcartridges

newsletter-subscribe 123inkcartridges

What type of product that your sells?

If you are asking question like this, then first at all I have to welcome you to our 123inkcartridges family, our company is primary specialize in selling printer ink and toner cartridges for the both OEM and the compatible cartridges at the lowest price in Canada, we do also have iPad accessories, HDMI cables/cables, electronics as well as the office supplies, you will find the useful link at the following:

Ink & Toner cartridges:

iPhone/iPad Accessories:

HDMI Cable/Cables:


Office Supplies:

Life & fun gadgets:

What is remanufacture Cartridges?

Remanufacture ink cartridges and the compatible ink cartridges are two completed different concept which people often confused, the remanufacture ink cartridges are basically a “used OEM cartridges” which refilled by the 3rd party company, so since that the cartridges is basically a recycle one, it will be normal if your printer did not recognize the ink level accurately, but do not worry because it won’t affect your printing performance. For the compatible ink cartridges, in which the cartridges as well as the ink are produced by third party, in which it is designed for the cartridges to be fully compatible to your printer.

What does “With Chip” and “No Chip” cartridges do?

This is rather a technical question but very comprehensive to understand, among our various models from ink cartridges, there is one specific models name “CLI-8” and PGI-5BK, plus a fewer toner cartridges, these type of products have both the “with chip” and “without” chip option. In general speaking, the chip is basically a identificator especially designed to recognize the brand, ink level, page that print or any other detail question, the chip will also be the indicator and sending signals to printer for us to know “when to change the ink”, and most cases, the printers will install their own chips inside the machine, however, there are also some printer models put the chips together with the cartridges, thus, if you buy the cartridges “with chip” then there is nothing that you need to worry about, but if you buy the “without chip” one, then you will need to take the chip off from the old cartridges and put it into the new one. As far the CLI-8 and the PGI 5BK are the only one that I know, so it should not be a big problem actually.

Why is LC51-Value-Pack different from OEM in size?

I often got this type of question according to our customer feedback too, in general, the LC51 value pack or LC61 (from Brother) are pretty much the TOP SALE for years, many people had realized that how come the cartridges size that we sell are slightly different from the OEM one, to answer your question, it is good to understand the concept of new compatible ink cartridges, generally speaking, compatible ink cartridges are often invent form the third party, the ink level volume could be larger than the OEM one, since most of people are paying for OEM brand basically for their “brand” frankly speaking, big brand need to pay to their advertisement team and that is huge money, and that is the reason for the compatible cartridges companies to be existed because we believe that you can basically, PAYING LESS FOR MORE. After many experimental tests, our company ensuyre that the LC51 can fit and use in the compatible printer without problem, so please do not feel worry whether it looks different, last thing, our cartridges guarantee for the product for one year. 

What are my payment choices?

We accept PayPal
Credit card: Visa, MasterCard, American Express
Cheque: personal cheque, business cheque, cashiers cheque, or money order
Interac email transfer

About our shipping policy?

Please refer to:
Which includes the delivery duration,free shipping policy,faster shipping,and several useful shipping tips. However, please understand the shipping is not time guarantee. We do not reimburse shipping cost.

Can I send back empty/used/old toners or cartridges?

I know that you do love the environment, we do too since we are part of the society, however, we are very sorry for the facts that we do not offer any recycle or refill for any empty/used/old toner and ink cartridges yet, but we will let you know when we have it.

What is page yield?

The page yield is standardized and tested by supplier. All page yield is 5% page coverage. This means 5% on letter size paper. Toner/Ink use is by how much toner/ink is placed on each page printed and how many you print. Depending on your printer make, model and toner/ink cartridge size along with toner coverage per page, determines how many pages you’ll get out of it. If you are printing photos your page coverage is close to 100% and the number of printed photos will be much less than the amount the number of pages you would be able to print if you were just printing standard text documents.

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