Best Wireless Headphone Review Under $100 Sennheiser RS-126 II

Click here check Sennheiser RS-126-II

Click here check Sennheiser RS-126-II

Update 3/3/17

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I remembered that several weeks ago I wrote a review for Sennheiser RS-126 II, the feedback was good and I had received a lot of questions regard to this model, so today in here I am gonna go deeper by giving you a panoramic view about this amazing wireless headphone which I am currently using, with a lot of detail picture images and some inner thought presented simulate from a user perspective, no matter if you planning to purchase one for playing game, watching tv or listen to music, with the low price Sennheiser RS-126 II that you are paying for, it will be definitely equivalent or surpass than some of the middle/high end headphones models which worth between $200-$400 value. Let’s take a deeper look about this amazing sound beast!

Product Description 

I believe that this part will be a bit boring since you can access to such info easily by typing “Sennheiser RS-126 II Wireless Headphones review” on google so I am not going to spend much content on it. The Sennheiser RS-126 II is an ideal headphone choice if you planning to listen Hi-Fi audio or if you want to audio steam your TV wirelessly. According to the Amazon and Dell’s customer review, the RS-126 II has good average rate on its highly quality sound, unique/stylish design as well as its low market price, I am not quite sure whether this model is the upgrade version for the Sennheiser RS-120 Wireless Headphones but apparently it does because both look the same, with its long distance (up to 50ft) and also its comfortable wearing and charging method plus its two year warranty, no wonder why this product made a good sale!

Sennheiser Wireless On-Ear Headphones

Start from the box, I took 3 images (different angel from center, left and right) for showing you how does the package look like. From the front case, you will see the model number on the top right and the left in which saying the two year warranty by Sennheiser, the design was okay and nothing has really impressed me, the back has this product’s general information, it’s a huge box, weight around 230g (which it says in the box), I really do think that a big company like Sennheiser, they should have their own laser sticker for identify against the counterfeit product tho, anyways, that is just one of my thoughts.

Sennheiser Wireless Headphones

This picture shows what the package included:

  • HDR 126 II headphone
  • Two rechargeable Ni-MH batteries
  • Adapter 1/4” (6.3mm)
  • Adapter RCA to mini headphone/ 3.5mm
  • Quick guide
  • Safety guide
  • Transmitter/charger

Sennheiser Wireless Headphones Just like most of the wireless headphone models, you got both the switch to turn the power on/off and also switch for volume so does the tuner, one thing I didn’t like much about the volume and tuner part is, I got confused sometimes once I wear the headphone then I won’t be able to see and know which button is tuner/volume so I always adjust the wrong thing, this could be annoying but its personal, not a big deal.

Sennheiser rs126 ii

Sennheiser rs126


Sennheiser RS126 iiThe headphone design looks stylish and comfortable, and you will be able to replace the battery by twisting he earpad to open (the white label), it’s very easy and give you a sense of flexibility if you got two pairs of recharging batteries. The Sennheiser RS-126 II is also characterize by the upper pad between the bridge, so it makes wearing this wireless headphone become extremely comfortable, I have used this headphone for many hours per day and it didn’t feel any annoyance, it’s super comfy, you can even wear that and following in sleep.

sennheiser wireless headphone


best sennheiser wireless headphone

Another amazing feature from this product which I found it interesting, will be its transmitter stander, the Sennheiser has its unique way of charging, everything what you need to do is just simply hang your device into the metal bar and that is it, pretty simple, the charger stand will show the indication for the charging status, which is pretty convenient. Compare the Senneheiser to other brands, I realized like the difference that most of the electronic devices, you often see the adapter cable easier to break, may be this is just my personal opinion, but somehow I feel that it is an intentional strategy for the product to have thinner and less durable material so it will damager faster so every coupon of years you will have to buy a new one, and this phenomenon  mostly do occur on the adapter or charging cable, the intentional design often make the cable even more easy to bend than ever, and the more bend you have, the easily then the cable will be likely to be ruined, surprisingly, I didn’t see this on Sennheiser, they even have the hole on the bottom of the charger stand where you plug in the adapter cable so it will avoid you to bend it.

cheapest wireless headphone 2013
wireless headphone


sennheiser headphone 2013


sennheiser wireless headphone canadaSince this product has RCA converter to 3.5mm, as long as your audio device is compatible with 3.5mm port, you will be able steam out audio you want. According to the online review, a lot of people have rate the sound quality positively, which I agree, the sound was good, but I guess it is more treble orientated rather than the bass, the bass is strong but not as sharp as treble, the wireless distance can range up to 50ft, however, the best recommend distance is 40ft for perfect sounding, also the RF won’t be affect by wall, so don’t worry if you put the transmitter inside one room and you going to another room, it will work perfectly without problem, unless you wearing that wireless headphone to do sport which moves a lot, otherwise won’t be a problem.
sennheiser wireless headphone adapter

3.5mm sennheiser earphone

People might ask me question “Is Sennheiser RS-126 II durable?” I would say yes, why? First, it’s not heavy and you will actually feel the weight when you are holding it, you will feel the comfy earpad plus the protective pad on the top, so in case when this wireless headphone fall, the hard plastic and the ear cushion will protect against collision or breaking of the device, same thing for the charge, if you are careful enough, you must be realized the place where you charge (the TOP pad) is separated and you can always see the metal chip between the pad, so whenever you need to recharge, you just hang your device into the transmitter without worrying that the protective pad will be broken by the metal bar, I have never seen any recharging method working like that, as I said, this is a very good and economical choice that you can have, I hope this article will be useful for you.
sennheiser wireless headphone series

sennheiser headphone

sennheiser rs 126 sennheiser rs 120

headphone RS-126
Cool design, great sound, long distance range, very comfortable, useful adapter, simple for installation, very cheap, long battery life, wireless

Interference, volume control and tuner wheel confusing

Sound Quality: 8/10

Convenient: 10/10

Comfort: 10/10

Value: 9/10

Customer review from Dell

Customer Review from Amazon


4 comments on “Best Wireless Headphone Review Under $100 Sennheiser RS-126 II

  1. Craig

    Sennheiser Wireless RF Headphones (RS126)

    Can you tell me when you’ll have this in stock and will the price remain $89. Great price by the way.

  2. NathaliE


    Do you know if 2 pair of headsets can be connected to same transmitter so 2 people can watch/ listen to same thing?

  3. John Huston

    No mention of the broadcast frequency. If it’s not in the gig range, expect horrible inteference from everything from motors to fluorescent lights.


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