Win your all-inclusive Vacation Package from our Facebook Contest

Enter To Win 123inkcartridges facebook contest

Enter To Win 123inkcartridges facebook contest

Vacation ! What a nice audio appealing words especially when the Christmas season has finally arrived. I remember day back to last week I posted a thread of our 123InkCartridges Facebook wall regard to the travel information and we did received a lot of comments and feedback, yeah, the reaction from our 123ink fans are quite active, since it seems that everyone is craving for the vacation, so we had finally decided to reward our fans even more by hosting another Travel Vacation related sweep contest on our Facebook Page, so basically how the idea started at the first phrase.

Examples of how the travel package look like

Examples of how the travel package look like

How do we reward fairly to our customers? This is a tough question to answer with, according to the facebook comments we got, basically we got all suggested places all over the world, and there is nearly impossible to select a place where everyone is happy, of course, people do have different needs, so the idea of giving vacation travel package Gift certificate run through our mind, because our fans can actually use the gift card to redeem their travel package for FREE, so I made further research and I found out the SunWing’s deals that come with astonishing deal which included 7 days hotel, airplane ticket all-inclusive vacation package, wow! That is just amazing, I thought, so we made this sweepstakes contest and we hope everyone is happy.

How to participate the Sweep Contest?

Contest from Dec 6-Dec 21, 2012

Very simple, this time all we are asking you do is to share the “Pin to top” post on our Facebook page as much as you can, and the value of the gift vacation Gift certificate that we are offering with depend on how much shares in the end of the event which we got from the facebook page, this time, we are really making huge efforts for celebrating the best Christmas ever all together, so the gift must be amazing, this time, the gift value will be up to $1000, which basically means the more you share, the better gift value that you are going to get, and the maximum gift amount will be $1000, which is pretty much a big deal that you are not going to miss it. The following image will demonstrate you how do we valid our gift value.

step 1 share this post for 123inkcartridges facebook

step 1 share this post

Procedure to Win the Vacation Contenst

First thing first, you will have to become our 123InkCartridges Facebook fans in order to become eligible, if you are existed fans, good job because you are not far away from winning the prize, and if you are not our Facebook fans yet, please enter and like to continue.

The Next Three simple steps for the WIN (Takes you only 3-4 minutes)

Step 1 ) Please share our “Pin to Top” wall post on our fb page

Explanation: Share the page and please ensure you share has set to public so we will be able to vertify the number of shares since it will be visible. As we mentioned, the gift value will be equivalent to the total share number which we got in the end of event. Maximum prize offer up to $1000

enter to win 123inkcartridges contest

enter to win 123inkcartridges contest

Step 2) Click the “Enter to Win” icon and fill out the form

Explanation: The “enter to win” icon will be on the right side where you see our fans number, simply click in and fill out the information, please understand that you must provided correct name or email address otherwise we will not be able to reach you if you have been selected as the winner. This is real important!


Step 3) Make sure do not forget to share or invite to your friends for the win, and we will announce the winner of the contest after the event finished.

Explanation: It is important to understand that, the more you share our contest information, the more share number that it will have so does the gift value will be higher, imagine the scenario that there might be a chance (very possible) for us to get 600 shares +, so it means that a $600+ value of gift card that we are going to offer, it is even enough for you redeem the vacation package up to 2 or 3+ people depend on the value of gift we are going to offer, so feel free to use the magical power of shares.

step 2 facebook contest

step 2 facebook contest

Good Luck all,

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