Sennheiser Wireless Headphones RS-126 II Review

Check sennheiuser wiress headphone RS162- II

Check sennheiser wireless headphone RS162- II

The Sennheiser RS 126 headphone is perhaps one of the best wireless headphones without the trouble of having your wires anywhere compared to other traditional on-hear headphones. It’s not just an ideal solution for watching TV, music or even playing game, moreover, the price is probably the lowest price high quality headphone which you won’t able to see this deal frequently in the market, without even mention its 100 metres long signal receiver distance, the Sennheiser RS-126-II is truly an indoor sounding beast with the most economical which is currently selling as cheap as $98.99, which is much cheaper than BestBuy, FutureShop or Staples, for now!

One of the key benefit which I like it quite a lot is its open, supra aural wireless RF headphone system design, this designing technology will ensure the headphone delivered the best detailed, qualified strong bass sound reproduction. It’s not a just an ideal choice for Christmas gift only, no matter if you use it to TV application or others, as long as the headphone signal transmitter can receive, you will able to listen your music without any restriction. The recharge feature for this headphone is quite easy and convenient compare to the old models, however, the charging time is a bit long since its uses the AAA Nimh rechargeable battery, the long charging time will only ensure your battery live longer, which I really don’t mind how long it takes if it is indoor, the wireless distance run up to 100 meter, and in my opinion very comfortable to wear with, plus it’s amazing 2 years warranty as well as the free shipping benefit, you are basically paying much less than you could ever imagine. Shop now >>

sennheiser wireless headphone

sennheiser wireless headphone


5 comments on “Sennheiser Wireless Headphones RS-126 II Review

  1. Jim K

    how do i plug this into my amp with the two rc jacks. i dont want to us an adapter to plug it into the front headphone jack. i want to plug it into the back, but everywhere i plug it into i dont get sound from my Yamaha rx 1010

  2. lori lewis

    my brother bought the RS 126 ll for my mother last year and my brother wanted to hook it up to the tv in the livingroom but we cannot find the Instructions to it and I was wondering if you could mail them to me or if you want to talk to me my number is 1-403-753-1108…. thank you

    1. ★ThePrinterGuy★ Post author

      Sorry for the late reply, yeah that will be a perfect idea, if you can please phone our customer service line and they will help your question, personally I don’t think so you can hook up directly but as long as if you a SD card slot from your TV, you can first record it and after play with your TV, I don’t think it should be a problem, let me know if this helps !!

  3. Paul Terek

    Please let me know if the RS126 system – which I poses, and it is discontinued and RS126 II system – which I plan to buy, are compatible or not.
    In other words is the signal transmitted by RS126 picked up by the RS126 II receiver (Headset) or not?!


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