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Recently we have been doing many tasks on the social network, I had quite learned a lot from the past experiences regarding to how to engage our customers better, we had a lot of fun, idea and I got inspirited a lot from the detailed comments which given by our loyal facebook fans, and I hope that for the upcoming year of 2013, more and more people will start to realize our hard work and willing to communicate with us on any of our social network channels.

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For the month of December, we ran a sweepstakes event for the prize of giving away vacation travel package and it did end it up very well, so I guess that people in Canada do really love travel a lot since the depressive winter had almost made people crazy, for the upcoming months, my plan is to execute more and more contest events to reward our customers who spent time on our Facebook page, so we are going to implement more interesting element such as coupon and gift giveaway, flash deal special as well as our contest events, plus lots of entertainment rather than just a simple boring business page, I ensure you that I am going to make our Facebook page even more interactive and educative rather than a link dumper, the only thing that I am asking from you guys is “Ask us question” and “talk to us and tell us what you think”, I am sure that those sentence won’t bite, c’mon and don’t be shy, I am sure that the reward is going to be beneficial to everyone. Please do not hesitate to write to us whenever you got excellent idea regard to our contest event, prize suggestion and more, idea will be always welcome, and it’s FREE!

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facebook vacation contest

facebook vacation contest

I forgot to share with you my personal experience regard to my Cuba trip, the trip was awesome, the weather was nice and so does the food, the only bad effect from that trip my skin became too tanned, anyways, I will update a few photo which I took from there later on and you guys can take a look and giving some comments, and if you got nice picture from your vacation or even daily event, please feel free to upload to our facebook wall too, I would be very happy to see and hear from you. See you guys on FB.

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