Microsoft LifeChat LX3000 Headset Is New IN STOCK for $29.99!

Microsoft LifeChat Refresh JUG-00016 Headset

Microsoft LifeChat Refresh JUG-00016 Headset

The Microsoft LifeChat LX-3000 headphone will serve as a perfect companion for playing game, listen to music or video/audio chat, with its advance digital technology, Microsoft will be able to deliver the best quality sound with the better comfort ear pads, it made this Microsoft LX-3000 headphone to become even more durable, without even mentioning its fast USB plug and play connection, this noise cancelling microphone feature will indeed deliver the best crystal clear sound which you have never heard, with the little price which is currently selling as cheap as $29.99.

Microsoft LifeChat LX3000 Headset

Microsoft LifeChat LX3000 Headset

The Microsoft LifeChat Refresh LX3000 will upgrade your audio performance into another dimension, especially the windows live messenger, the simplistic design and heavy duty material will ensure this stereo headset delivers even more durable, with this Microsoft LX3000 audio headset on hand, you will be able to handle private internet voice calls, enjoying amazing music and movie, and of course, the video game as well !

Features Included:

  • Digital USB for superior clarity
  • Built-in unidirectional microphone with acoustic noise cancellation
  • Leatherette ear pads for improved comfort
  • In-line volume controls
  • Pivoting boom microphone with 180-degree movement
  • Flexible 6-foot cable

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