Android 4.1 Google TV Dongle will turn your TV into a Smart TV



Have you ever imagined turning your HDTV into a powerful multifunction features simply just by installing a simple USB stick only? Today we are going to show you the way by introducing our Android 4.1 GOOGLE TV DONGLE. Just simply plug this Google tv dongle into the HDTV and it will transform it into a smart TV, in which you will be able to browse internet, read news, surf YouTube and even more, isn’t that amazing enough to have one at home? I am sure that the benefit that you got back from Google TV dongle will be much more than what you are paying for, with the minimum price which is selling as long as $84.99, you will be able to transform your HDTV into a multifunction powerful features, with the price which is as little as the size, plus our $49+ FREE shipping service, you are actually saving much more than you could imagine.


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2 comments on “Android 4.1 Google TV Dongle will turn your TV into a Smart TV
  1. Maxxy says:

    What chipset does it use? How is this model comparing to AT-S20?

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