Monster Jamz High Performance In-Ear Headphones IN STOCK!

Monster Jamz high performance headphone

Monster Jamz high performance headphone

We are going to bring up our MonsterJamz high performance In-Ear Headphone today as our blog content. It has been well-known by its “virtually indestructible” durable design, considering the solid precision metal housing, which allows to cancel the noises and unesary vibration from the original sound wave. Compared to the previous version of Monster Jamz series, the new monster Jamz headphones added the extra ControlTalk remote feature for the mobile device, the sounding that the headphone offers is authentic, excellent quality, which is capable comparing to all other high fidelity $150 worthy of headphones in the market, we will put this headphone as the top from our recommendation for mobile device.

One of the things which I did not like about the headphone which is below to $50 range, the wires disconnected from the buds, the cords spliced or it break easily, those are probably the mean reason why people would like to spend $100+ just for a headphone, and even that, some brands are still not very good in keeping all the wires protected instead the poor design just let them completely fall apart less than a year of using them, surprisingly, I do not see this happen on this MonsterJamz high performance earphone,with this unbeatable price compare to any relative market, I am personally very satisfied with it, as well as its design.

About the Mobile Jams durability test, there are many articles tackle the issue refer to its metal housing, even the some product video have shown that this product is meant to resist hitting from item like rubber, wood, graphite as well as hammer! I found those very skeptical because I know that it could be advertising purposes, however, I read it online from of the product review that it had actually done a replicated hammer test, and the result have shown that the metal housing from the headphone actually can survive up to multiple heavy attack, the smashing might caused the separation from two halves of the enclosure, which is normal, but the sound can still play very well, that was the most detailed review which I had found so far so I would like to give some credits to such reviews.

The remote microphone is one of the powerful feature for the Monster Mobile Jamz High Performance, but it only supports this features for the Fourth and fifth general Apple iPod, you will still have able to listen to the music once you plug in, however, you will not be able to use the remote function, I will conclude the general features in the following points:


  • Hard chrome finish keeps headphones shining like they did day one
  • Rugged strain relief protects the cable and withstands heavy-duty use
  • Adjustable ear hooks keeps earphones in place comfortably for active lifestyles
  • Control Talk for on-cable iPad, iPhone, and smartphone playback control and a built-in mic for music hands-free use
  • Cable management system controls cable with slider and cable management clip

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