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I remembered the day back to the time when the original version of iPad just been released, the concept of minimalizing the orginal iPad into a extra slim and small version is nothing new to us, taking myself as one of the example, we want something that is completely portable, convenient which allow us to speedy react to the new era of information world, and specifically, with the most affordable price that we can and would like to offer, and that will be the iPad mini.

ipad mini review

ipad mini review

Just several days ago the 7.9 inch iPad mini just been announced, the new generation of iPad does not seem to be a replicate concept but rather a smaller, faster, but at the same time an cheaper tablet. By taking consideration into its weight, the new iPad mini only weights just around 308g, which is approximately more than half of the weight compare to the previous version iPad, 7.87x 5.3 inches dimension and uses 1024x 768 LCD, which is tremendously smaller, and this has actually being part of problem for some people who doesn’t like the idea of having small screen.

ipadmini display

ipad mini display

In general, the iPad mini seems very well by holding on your single hand, it looks very visually appealing, it’s pretty cool and neat, but I would personally would like to have a white one, because for the black version once you got scratch in the back, then it become very visible, the rumour has mentioned that the back of iPad mini might not be durable, so it may pushing up the iPad case accessories marketing, which might be interesting to see. The one thing that would probably disappoint Apple fans is the Retina display, the iPad mini does not have Retina display, however they still have the equivalent resolution as well, in general, the displaying still look outstanding, the color are still vivid and bright, it doesn’t really create an issue for me whether it has retina or not.

What about the battery? According to the site engadget where it has compared the iPad mini with other tablets and they found out that Apple iPad mini has the best battery life, I will attached the iPad battery comparative table in the following:

ipad mini battery comparison table

ipad mini battery comparison table

So people often hard to make choices whether they should choose the iPad 4th generation or the new iPad mini. Compare to iPad mini, the 4th generation seems to be a bit expensive, the size is bigger and so does the weight is much heavier, still, the performance is faster and it has the retina, but if you are the person who doesn’t really care about speed and more focus on portability and affordableness, then the choose of iPad mini might be a perfect option to you.

To conclude my point, may be many of you might think that the new release Apple iPad mini might look like another Apple tablet which made to a budget, or it just pretty much a smaller size iPad without any changes and implementation, and I can’t agree nor disagree, but the only thing which I am sure about is, this is perhaps one of the best tablets from the market, it has everything that people might need, extremely long battery life, superious performance as well as high portability, for the small price as $329, I guess that is totally enough, regardless of not mentioning its massive selection of APP on the market, it would be deifenetly worthy to invest in this tiny tablet.


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