Is iPhone 5 Still the best choice?

   It has been two days away for the release of iPhone 5, and so many comparison articles, comment reviews, hands on videos were just on us right away. Let’s learn about the iPhone 5 from visual changes first, which might straight for most users. The appearance of the iPhone 5 and the new processor etc. are just as the same as the source leaked before.
1 nano-SIM card
For matching the slim new iPhone 5, the SIM card is definitely getting smaller. The nano-SIM card (12.3mm*8.8mm*0.67mm) is 40% smaller than the previous micro-SIM card, and with the totally same function. This new design no doubt will be the next industry standard, and it is warmly welcomed by mobile distributers, SIM card suppliers. The inconvenience of users to change the new cards just takes time, it’s won’t a big deal.

2. Lightning 30-pin cord
  Since the SIM card is getting thinner, the new dock connector called Lightning of iPhone 5 is also 80% smaller than the one we use now. It’s more durable, easier to connect. And never worry about the iPhone peripherals, an adapter will keep your existing dock working for sure. The adapter is now for sale in AppleSotre for $29. Somehow, you will see various kinds of new accessories coming soon.

3. No Google Map
 The iOS 6 will insist in giving users better customer experience, reallocated the hottest resources in our hand. And Apple is going to cast away the Google’s software, they replace Google map to iOS 6 Map itself. Will it be more comfortable and easier to use? We will see in the future.

Be noticed, not all the function of iOS 6 could be used world wild so far. Of course, America is full lunched especially the 3D reality map, turn-by-turn navigation is support Canada, and most west Europe countries.  


The rest we may think about the choice besides iPhone 5, lumia 920, Galaxy S III, Sony X peria T. Basically, they are somehow similar from the screen size, video pixel, WIFI, camera resolutions. The preference of system might be different for customers. And so far, we can tell Apple has better customer experience among the other systems. They are more like to modify their customer terminal to give users smooth using experience.
Will you Order the iPhone 5 on Sep.21?


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