How to Choose a Multifunction Printer for Home

Brother MFC-J425W Multifunction Printer

Brother MFC-J425W Multifunction Printer

LEXMARK Pinnacle Pro901 printer

LEXMARK Pinnacle Pro901 printer








Many people have requested me question like “how to choose a multifunction printer?” so I believe it’s a great chance to spend some content in here to address this issue. To start with, we need to understand that, because of the competitive printing technology, the term “multifunctional” can be determined in a real wide range, it could be different in term of functionality, or it can be combinations with many other convenient devices all together such as scanner, fax, copier and others, you will need to make sure that you do understand what does multifunction or all-in-one printer actually means. I would personally recommend you to spend some extra time to do research prior to any store. I will show you some tips in the following:


1. Set your budget

This is very logical, every time you spend money to somewhere, you have to know prior to the purchase that how much you are willing to pay, this can determine which level range of printer that you are looking for.

 2. What type of multifunction printer?

Multifunction printer can have a lot of meaning based on its variety. The variety can be determined by its features, for example, are you buying this printer for document printing only or for photos? Do you use this printer to fax or copy..etc.

3. LaserJet printer or InkJet?

This is one of the important keys that you should know, if you are planning to do a lot of picture or image printing, then InkJet will be definitely a great choice, if you are use for fast document printer in a cost effective way for long term saving, then laser printer will be good for you. Mostly monochrome printer will be the best if you only print black and white style of document.

 4. Know your product

In this phrase, you should already know what type of printer that you are looking for, then it’s the time for you to get more specific, which means you will need to get familiar with the brand, price, and which model that you preferred, do some research online and read some product review from authoritative web site, value which brand and model offer the best you need with the desireable amount of that money that you are willing to spend.

5. Comparison

Once you have determine which brand and model you need, now it’s the time to do some price comparison to find out which gives you the best value, as personal suggestion, I always chosoe site like for comparing the price. Also, stay tight with the company rebate or deal option, you will have no idea how much you can save from that.

6. After purchase

Make sure you get and understand the warranty, just in case if you receive defective or the model that you bought did not satisfy your demand so you will be able to return it before warrantee expiration period. Some printer brand do allow you to register their on-site service, do it !

Other Tips that you should know:

  • In order to compare the prices, you will have to value the extra price such as provincial tax as well as shipping fee, in most case online store do offer FREE Shipping or coupon special.
  • If you decide to purchase online, make sure you research their business well and take that into account as well as its price of each item, avoid low rate online retail store.
  • Make sure what does it had inside the package, some brands do not cover thing like connection cable when you are buying the printer, and also make sure whether your multifunctional printer are compatible to the current operation system in which you are using: Mas or PC, or both.

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