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What is an Android tablet? If you’ve purchased an Android tablet, you’ve probably wondered how to fill it with your favorite music, videos, and photos. Unlike an iPad, which slurps up these goodies by syncing with iTunes, an Android tablet has no desktop counterpart, no automated system for migrating media from your hard drive to your device.

Android Tablet

Android Tablet now offer various best Android Tablet PC, here I would like to recommend you the AT-A13 Allwinner 9.0″ Capacitive Screen Android 4.0 Tablet PC, with best price $99.99 ($138.99)! This 9.0 Inch Android 4.0 tablet has a stylish and compact design, making it ultra-mobile and highly portable, that means you can easily take this tablet computer wherever you go. With a 1.0Ghz Processor and 512MB of RAM. Also comes with a built-in 8GB flash drive and the capacity for up to 32GB in the external SD card slot.these will make it work more fast and efficient.

AT-A13 Android Tablet

AT-A13 Android Tablet


AT-A13 Android tablet with 9.0 inch 5-Points capacitive touch screen. It provide you with a fast and smooth user-experiece. Along with the brilliant 16:9 800*480 resolution screen, the details just looks better and the pictures smoother – a true feast for your eyes.
The Tablet’s Built-in front camera can easily start a video chat software ,including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, combined with the network function that allows you to carry out intimate contact with family and friends anytime, anywhere.
If you’re more of a gamer, then choose from the many interesting and unique Android Tablet games on offer like Angry Birds, Fieldrunner, Catan, and much more.
You can surf the web, read e-books, watch movies, listen to music, play games, send/receive emails, download games, apps and widgets. this great value tablet can handle it.

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