Buy NEC 2600 High-Brightness Mobile Projector at best discount price!

NEC 2600 lumen Multimedia High-Brightness Mobile Projector

NEC 2600 lumen Multimedia High-Brightness Mobile Projector

Buy NEC 2600-lumen High-Brightness Mobile Projector (NP-V260) today at the best price. The best NEC 2600-lumen High-Brightness Mobile Projector (NP-V260) collection with special discount price only for todays deal. 12% off for the NEC 2600 lumen Multimedia High-Brightness Mobile Projector from 123Ink Cartridge!

The NEC NP-V260 3D Mobile Projector is a high powered projector that’s as useful in the living room as it is in the conference room. It can project high definition signals in the 720p and 1080i formats and most international TV standards. Its 100 to 240 V AC 50/60 Hz power supply makes it useable just about anywhere in the world.

The NP-V260 is so ecologically conscious, it can even calculate and display its own carbon footprint by operating in ECO Mode. ECO Mode lowers light output somewhat, slows the fan and saves you money. The NP-V260 sports a 0.55″ DLP chip with BrilliantColor. This chip increases color accuracy while it increases color brightness by up to 50%. And it processes six different primary colors rather than the usual three. What’s more is, projectors powered by DLP light engines require no filters that have to be cleaned and replaced periodically.

And it’s that same chip that allows the NP-V260 to project 3D images. Just add 3D shutter glasses and 3D programming and step into the world of three dimensions. This projector is people friendly too. Its input panel is clearly labeled and color coded and it enables you to include the hard of hearing members of your audience by displaying closed captioning from program sources that provide it. Closed captioning also comes in handy to help people whose native language isn’t English.

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