On Sale! Get AT-MOMO11 Gsou – Android 4.1 Tablet, Enjoy Every Moment In Your Life!

AT-MOMO11 Gsou

Looking for an android tablet with capacitive screen? Today we are going to introduce you an AT-MOMO11 Gsou – Android 4.1 Tablet With 10-Point Capacitive Touch Screen which is on sale now with only $199.99(248.99. Save you 19% off.

This 9.7 Inch touch Android 4.1 tablet has a stylish and compact design, making it ultra-mobile and highly portable. You can easily take this Android tablet PC wherever you go. The tablet 9.7 android is with a 1.6Ghz Processor and 1MB of RAM. Also it comes with a built-in 16GB flash drive and the capacity for up to 32GB in the external SD card slot. All these will make it work more fast and efficient.

AT-MOMO11 Gsou - Android 4.1 tablet with 9.7" IPS Screen

This Android Tablet PC with 9.7inch 10-Points IPS capacitive touch screen will provide you with a fast and smooth user experience. If you’re more of a gamer, then this android tablet would be your best choice. You can play Angry Birds, Fieldrunner, Catan, and much more freely as you can.

tablet 9.7 android

The AT-MOMO11 Gsou is with Built-in Dual Camera, wifi, ebook readers etc. You can take shot down every great and beautiful moment by the dual camera. You can watch movie, play games, or listen to music for relaxing when you are tired or boring. You can also read books to enrich your mind and you life whenever you go.

Want to be a elegant woman/men and enjoy every moment in your life? Then do not hesitate to take this great chance to get a AT-MOMO11 Gsou – Android 4.1 tablet with 9.7″ IPS Screen ,1.6GHz Dual core, 1G RAM/16G,WIFI,3G, Dual Came. Free Shipping and On Sale!

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