Is Sony MDREX38IPB.CE7 Headphone truly the Best?

MDR-EX38iP headphones

MDR-EX38iP headphones

I had read some reviews about the Sony MDREX38IPB.CE7 In-Ear Headphones over the internet, and that is why the reason that I did my own version of product testing to find out that whether this MDREX38IPB.CE7 model is truly the “best iPod headphone” that you can find in the market. My conclusion is pretty simple, in term of user experience, Sony has been always well known for reasons, so it is not surprise when you hear comments like “Oh! Sony’s headphone are great, the sound is great, bla bla bla…”, but the most important thing, this Sony in-ear headphone is probably one of the best deal for its price range, of course you can always find better brand with extreme realistic sounding from the company such as Shure, Boss or sennheiser, however, not with such low price range and that is for sure!

The Sony MDREX38IPB.CE7 earphone is especially design for the iPod devices, characteristic by its tiny lightweight design but massive sound projection. Comparing with many similar price-range earphone, I believe that the sound deliver by this in-ear headphone are awesome, since they had the neodyminum magnet inside the earphone, it is able to produce deep bass but without losing out the balance under the treble. One of the key thing which I like is its remote controller, with this convenient tiny tool on hand, I will be able to switch, forward/backward pause without taking out my iPhone or iPod from my pocket. Since inside the package they offer different earbud for difference sizes, so there is always the way for you to adjust your earphone in the most comfortable level, last but the least, this MDR-EX38iP headphones also included a safety pouch so you no longer need to worry about cable damaging issue, with the price as cheap as $40 range, I believe it’s definitely a good deal at low cost. I will update more audio accessories blog very soon, stay tight with us!

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