Dynamic8 FM Flyer for iPhone /iPad /iPod

Dynamic8 FM Flyer for iPhone /iPad /iPod

Dynamic8 FM Flyer for iPhone /iPad /iPod












This dynamic8 FM Flyer is designed for use with iPhone or iPod and you can control the music anywhere without wire. It features a compact, stylish shape in black for easy usage. This device is a pleasant addition to your phone. 123ink.ca give you such inconvenience. What’s more??Let’s check it from web site:http://www.123ink.ca/accessories-product/DYNAMIC8_1102.html

Real MFi product. With dynamic8 FM Flyer,you can get free Apps download from App Store, control the frequency by iphone screen. Its Hi-Fi Stereo FM Transmitting from 88.1 to 107.9MHz (0.1MHz/step) brings you the perfect music enjoyment. This FM Flyer come with 9 favorite channels for your stocking. You can shift the 3 factory setting channels all the time. Its unique and compact design can keep your iPhone/ iPad/ iPod powerful with a DC 5V, 1A car charger. Compatible with iPhone 4S/ 4/ 3GS/ 3G, iPad 1/2, touch, nano, classic, video.

Dynamic8 FM Flyer for iPhone /iPad /iPod

Dynamic8 FM Flyer for iPhone /iPad /iPod



With iPhone apps control.

Transmitting distance: 3-5m.

Frequency response: 100-15,000Hz.

Separation: ≥30dB.

Signal-noisy ratio: 60dB±5dB.

Working current: 30±2mA.

The slim shape and easy take design of dynamic8 FM Flyer make people stare on it. Its price $29.99 will give you the willing to shop it. Don’t hesitate to do that.


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