Compatible vs OEM: Head To Head , How To Decide?

Compatible vs OEM: Head to head, How to decide?

Question like the difference between compatible ink cartridges and the genuine one are often raised by green hands customers.  Despite the generous number of compatible ink cartridges options available and the quite a big gap in prices between originals and third party manufacture, there are still decisive factors to considerate for helping you make your choice.

The five points are as follow which may help you decide:

  1. What do you print? Mostly Text or Photo?
  2. How much printing do you do? A little or A lot?
  3. How concerned are you about your prints fading? Not very or A lot?
  4. Are Green issues important to you? Yes or No?
  5. How old is your machine?
☆ What do you print? Mostly Text or Photo?

A genuine cartridge (i.e.OEM) is out of question what you need for top quality plus matched paper. However, based on an extensive test ran by an independent review site ( – The Inkjet Investigation.), the compatible prints are more welcomed by its audience.  We may conclude that if a result is what you care about the most, OEM matches up appropriate paper can reach what you want. Alternatively, you may choose to test buy yourself with top brand compatibles until you get your best results!

 How much printing do you do? A little or A lot?

If you do print large amounts printing, you should decline to economic compatible. But be cautious that cheapest option could be cheap for a reason:  relatively low quality, cheap plastic casing which may affect ink storage and issues like drying out quickly are risky of clogging print heads.   The conclusion, pick a quality compatible ink (High Yield) for your massive ink use, particularly for color print work.

 How concerned are you about your prints fading? Not very or A lot?

High quality compatible inks with high grade ingredients and superior production method care reliable and could last much longer. But be aware that fading can also be a result of using the wrong paper. You need to use the best paper for optimum result.

 Are Green issues important to you? Yes or No?

Are you an eco-friendly environmentalist? Then OEM cartridges are clearly greener and suit you.   However, there’re still some good green compatible available which use recycled cases and come in environmentally-friendly packaging. Or another way is to refill your cartridges.

☆ How old is your machine?

If you have an old machine, then I suggest you might take the originals, cause original cartridges tend to be more stable and safe. But if you could find a great source of compatibles, fine! New printers often need chipped cartridges which are added by manufactures to deter users from using compatibles and to control ink flow. However, chipped OEM cartridges could always waste as much as 30% of the total amount.  Good quality compatible chipped cartridge now could fully load with maximum ink quantities, decent third party inks offer a lot more ink per cartridge.


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