Amazing USB think light

Do you want to show your boss????.Hey! My Dearest Boss!…..Can’t you see that?…The bulb is bright all the time…..I am typing fast and working hard..

USB Think Light
USB Think Light

Light bulb designed USB Think Light is another funny gadget for your desk. It has 5-level of lighting which is initiated by your typing. Of course, you type faster, the bulb will be brighter. Get one and have fun with it???

But for the rest of us who have not yet reached the level of genius, the USB Think Light is the perfect way to gauge your progress! The USB Think Light also serves as a wonderful motivational tool to keep you from spacing out throughout the day. You may also try turning off other lights in your room in the hope that you will now be driven to get more work done and receive light in return!


  • The faster you type, the brighter the light
  • Great for practicing your typing skill or just for general stress relief
  • Light bulb design with super bright LED
  • Lights on the inside base
  • Your typing will initiate the light to shine
  • 5-level of lighting
  • On/Off switch
  • Compatible with Windows XP and 2000
  • Powered by USB with 4 feet of cable
  • Dimension: 11x6x6cm
  • Weight: 48g

    USB Think Light

    USB Think Light


Package Contents:

  • USB Think Light

  • Software CD

  • User guide


Yes,you do. Just plug this lightweight little number in, type away furiously, and watch the light respond to the way you bash the keyboard. The faster you type, the brighter the light. Type. Light. Type, type. Light, light.

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