3 Tips to get High Quality Prints by Compatible Ink Cartridges

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Compared to the Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM), the compatible ink has the benefit of low cost,low cost and low cost to the customers. The most of them may even have bad experience of using them. Such as, it doesn’t match with their printers; the image fade away quicker than the OEM; Well, the truth is they would still choose buy the Compatible’s after, the reason is still because of the favorable price.

     General speaking, the cost of print by OEM is 40% higher than the compatible’s. If the customer want to enjoy the best favorite of the compatible ink not only from the price, but also the high quality prints. There are some tips here we should know about. Actually, besides the low cost, compatible ink is definitely environmental which is big thing to everyone. 

      1.  Compatible ink and Remanufacture ink

    Compatible ink toner is manufactured by the third party manufactures to meet or exceed OEM specifications, containing only new components. It is brand new.

   Remanufactured ink cartridges are also designed to work designated printers.The remanufacturing process involves disassembling, inspecting, cleaning, replacing worn parts, reassembling, and refilling the toner or ink.

   Basically, Epson, Canon and Brother are all have a built in print head. All the colors; some of the printer might has up to 10 different inks, are individual ink tank. So users just easily change the empty one to the new compatible ink tank is perfect.

   HP, Lexmark, Dell, Philips etc. all produce a cartridge which has the print head integrated into the cartridges. That means every time you replace one cartridge you install a new print head. These are the cartridges could be recycle and refilled by third part, because the print head can be used many times without degradation of quality. So these brands are ideally to get refilled or remanufactured cartridges.

   For those compatible ink cartridges, the different third party manufactures provide users different quality of the print-outs. If you are our customers,

   2 .   Inks and Paper

    Having a high quality print, the most important 2 things are inks and paper. Original inks perfectly work with original papers to provide users vivid colors and bright print-outs. Different paper brand has its own construction of layers which leads to the high or low level ink absorption and ink dispersion.

   The cheaper paper may take longer time to absorb the ink and cause bad impact on pictures. While using the compatible ink cartridges is certain to get lower quality of the prints. Since every user has seeking the possibility of not get that bad print-outs without sacrifice too much money on both OME and original paper, there would be no doubt to take more time on testing paper and inks.

  The better is to have more tries on compatible ink cartridges from different third-party manufactures. Well here we can conclude some combination for our customers; they are best sellers from our store which show the reputation from our customers. That might helpful to the new comers.


Ink Toner model#
Printer #
HP printer compatible ink toner  +Print Right bright white office paper  HP 2612 A/ HP CB 435 etc   HP LaserJet 1010   /  HP LaserJet 1012   /  HP Laserjet 1018   /  HP Laserjet 1020   /  HP Laserjet 1022   /  HP Laserjet 1022n   …

Canon Printer + Paperline Premier MaltiUsage Recycled Paper


Canon toner 104 /128 etc.  Canon Faxphone L100   /  Canon Faxphone L120   /  Canon Faxphone L90   /  Canon ImageCLASS MF4100   /  Canon ImageCLASS MF4150 


    Above are just recommendations, the thing is the compatible ink cartridges also give users a strong nice output as long as they find out the right paper and inks to their printers.

     3.   Keep the print-out in the right place

    There are so many customers complain about the images of print by the compatible ink toner fades away quicker than the OEM. One tip the user should know is to store them in the correct place. Recently, the compatible ink toner has improved a lot on those problems, the image deteriorate rate are lower than before.

    Try to put them in the dry and dark box, avoid sunshine. Or put them in some professional albums. In short, users still could get long last image prints by compatible ink cartridges if they do store them carefully.

After you got a big picture of the compatible ink toners, you may save a lot of money on them and get the best prints you want. Follow 123InkCartridges,we will continue give you more information about ink&toner.

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