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baby monitor

baby monitor

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The Wireless Baby Monitor will give you peace of mind when you look after your baby. This product allows you to monitor your baby from up to 100 meters away in open space. Its built-in sensor will detect your baby’s sound, movement and pees to trigger the device to sound alarm.

Wireless Baby Monitor with two-way talkback function and IR night vision lets you watch over your baby, know what is going on in your baby’s room and even listen and talk to your baby but without the need to physically be at his/hers side.

Place the controllable monitor in your baby’s room, and you are free to do some house cleaning, work on the garden or even watch a movie because you can see your baby from the 2.4 Inch LCD monitor, as well as listen and talk to your baby. Its IR night vision provides a bright night view of your baby to make sure you can keep an eye on him in low light conditions or at night.


wireless baby monitor

wireless baby monitor

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