2.4GHz Wireless Digital Baby Monitor With Sound and Video, Two Way Communication!

Do you need the visual reassurance that your baby is okay when he or she is in the nursery? The answer is yes! With the Day and Night Color Flat Screen Video Baby Monitor, you will be able to check in on baby looking at the color video screen without disturbing him.

BM-826 2.4″ LCD,2.4GHz Wireless Digital Baby Monitor, 8-IR LED Night Vision is the new products 123ink.ca launched. The screen will show even at night with night vision so you can rest assure no matter what time of day or night. Monitor has 2400 MHz sound, so there is no need to worry about interference with other electrical units. Both screen and camera can sit on the table or be wall mounted. Good sound quality from video unit will assure you can hear him as well as you can see him. 2 way communication with your baby anytime without moving. It’s the convenience life with Digital Wireless technology.

BM-826 Wireless Digital Baby Monitor bring all kinds of surprise. No matter what part of the house you are in, you can check in on your baby without having to open her nursery door! This portable handheld device will give you clear sound and visual reassurance with its 2400 MHz sound and 2.4 inch color video screen. Entire product comes with the handheld receiver, monitor, and camera to capture baby while he is alone.

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wireless baby monitor

wireless baby monitor

Technical Specification:

Receiver Specifications
Size of LCD: 2.4inches
Resolution: 320 x 240
Receiving Frequency: 2,400MHz (ISM Band)
Transmitting Power: 17 dBm
Temperature Display: Yes
Temperature Alarm: Yes
Talkback: Two – way talk, half – duplex
VOX: Switches on automatically when there is sound
Night vision: Yes, automatically turns on through 6 IR lights(with slight delay)
AV Out: Yes (PAL/NTSC)
Receiving Sensitivity: 40 dB
Receiving Frequency: 2,400 MHz
Transfer Rate: 3 Mpbs
Audio Sample Rate: 16kHz (8bit)
Audio Response Frequency: 100Hz – 3kHz
Power Source: 4x AAA Batteries or AC Adapter

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