VD-WJ711C0,Wireless 7″ Video Door Phone with 6-IR LED Night Vision On Sale!

Looking for a video door intercom? Great news! We now with VD-WJ711C0 2.4GHz ,Wireless 7″ TFT Monitor 300KP Video Door Phone with 6-IR LED Night Vision on sale. Only ($188.99)$159.99, take this hot selling VD-WJ711C0 home.

Video Door Phone with 6-IR LED Night Vision

This wonderful Video Door Phone can bring you much convenience and security. This intercom systems is different with the regular door bell. The camera of this door phone video is with clear night vision. Also it the camera can take picture automatically or manually. This can insure we are in the safe condition and free ourselves from worries.


This door entry system is with hand-free intercom and Electric lock-control function. This really take us many convenience. When the doorbell is ringing, the picture of the visitor will be automatically displayed on the screen.We can communicate with the vistors by two-way intercom without opening the door. Or we can open the door in the upstairs. with 2-4 display screen or doorbell, we can see our visitor and control the e-lock in any rooms. All in all, this wireless intercom is ensures a stable good performance and digital automatic control.

The 7 inch TFT display screen door entry system also have many other functions. And we still have several other similar models:VD-WJ711C0 1V2&1V3&1V4&2V1&3V1&4V1.To know more information about it, please visit 123ink.ca. More surprises are waiting for you.

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