VD-WJ702C1, 7″ TFT Monitor 300KP Video Door Phone Take You Security & Convenience

VD-WJ702C1 2.4GHz,

I always worry about opening the door when i am stay at home along. I fear there is some terrible thing or people outside. But after i purchase this D-WJ702C1, 7″ TFT Monitor 300KP Video Door Phone, my fear clear up. This 7″ TFT Monitor 300KP Video Door Phone can be available with only $86.99 at 123ink.ca.


The VD-WJ702C1 is very convenient for our daily life. It is a video intercom doorbell system. The video door phone intercom ensures a stable good performance and digital automatic control. When the doorbell is ringing, the picture of the visitor will be automatically displayed on the screen. You can even communicate with them without opening the door at all.

The 7″ TFT Monitor 300KP Video Door Phone is with hand-free intercom and clear night vision function. You can communicate with the vistors by two-way intercom or one-way audio intercom on day or night without opening the door but know who you are talking with.

7" TFT Monitor 300KP Video Door Phone ,with 6-IR LED Night Vision

Also the VD-WJ702C1 2.4GHz, 7″ TFT Monitor 300KP Video Door Phone ,with 6-IR LED Night Vision  is equipped with Electric lock-control function. If these are many rooms and you want more convenience,you can install 1-4 display screen to make every room have display screen. Then you can see and communicate with the visitor freely.
All in all, this video door phone system can provides an extra security and convenience for you and your family. Purchase this video doorbell intercom system with free shipping to free yourself from worries. Also your family life will be refreshed.

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