Smart Maze Piggy Bank

Smart Maze Piggy Bank, Clear crystal













Don’t think of finding affordable presents as cheap gifts. Instead look for unique and creative presents Smart Maze Piggy Bank you can afford for the kids. By the way toys are meant to be played and eventually broken& replaced. In, you can find this pretty gift for your kid or your dear friends.

Drop cash or cheques through the slot so they’re trapped in the center chamber, then watch as your ‘victim’ struggles to position the ball in the correct slot, so they can slide the door trigger open to grab their goodies.

Appearance and function of this Smart Maze Piggy Bank: maze opens need to be patient, the fast three minutes for the first time can be opened, while more than 5 minutes before being slowly opened, skilled can be opened after about 1 minute. Maze to the top has a diameter of 5.5cm dome, pushing the ball finish the maze of dome organs, this lid can be opened. The central dome has a 4.5cm long slit can be coins, paper, notes, etc., without opening round object covered in the context into the piggy banks, to storage purposes. Money box is made of hard transparent plastic.

Smart Maze Piggy Bank, Clear crystal

Smart Maze Piggy Bank, Clear crystal

Build your own solar toy: 

*  Condition:Brand New

*  Color:transparent

*  Enlighten your IQ

*  The best welcome gifts for the children!

*  With maze style design

Package included:



Different color in stock, just $7.99,you can shop Smart Maze Piggy Bank to collect your coin and cash together.

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